3 Ways in Which Smart Door Locks Improve Home Security

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The market is filled with a variety of security devices, all promising to increase home security in order to prevent a break-in from occurring. But without the addition of a smart door lock, your home doesn’t stand a chance in front of an intruder that wants to gain forced entry. To better understand why a smart door lock is necessary, read the following lines. Here you will find out the 3 ways in which smart door locks improve home security.

1. There will be no keys to lose

A lot of people misplace or lose the keys to their homes. In case a stranger finds them, or even steals them from you, a break-in will inevitably occur. On the other hand, if you install a smart door lock, you won’t have to worry about keys because they won’t be necessary anymore. By entering with the help of an encrypted key on your smartphone, you ensure that no one else will be able to enter your home. If you do some research on smartlock.reviews, you will see that smart locks work via smartphone, through pin codes, or through fingerprint access, but there are also some smart door locks that features some physical keys. However, since they are electronic keys, if you were to lose one of them, you wouldn’t have to replace the whole system, since you can just block the door access to that specific key. Each key is unique and you can even see on your smartphone which keys are being used daily and at what times.

2. Pick-proof

Burglars don’t actually need a key to your place in order to break in because many of them are masters in the art of picking locks. But if you install a smart door lock, you will surprise those who will want to lock pick your door because there won’t be an actual lock there anymore. Therefore, if you install a smart door lock you ensure that not even the smartest and slickest of burglars are able to open your door.

3. Increased control

Another important way in which the installation of a smart door lock improves the security of your home is that it gives you total control over who enters your house. For guests to be able to enter, they will have to receive an encrypted key from you over the smartphone. The best part is that you can cancel these encrypted keys whenever you want. This way, even if you have granted access to a certain person today, that person won’t be able to enter your home again tomorrow without another encrypted key from you. In addition, smart door locks allow you to keep track of all the people who enter and leave your home over the smartphone.

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