Bathroom Organization Ideas

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Getting ready in the morning is an activity that we all want to last as less time as possible, to give us more time for other activities like drinking our coffee, for example. This is impossible if you have a messy and disorganized bathroom, because you won’t be able to find all the items you need fast. In addition, a messy bathroom has a very unpleasant look, and it can get very hard to organize all of your things neatly, especially if you have many beauty products and items lying around. In the following lines you will find some useful bathroom organization ideas that you can apply to have a neater and more organized bathroom, avoiding it to ever be chaotic again.

His and hers cabinets

It’s essential to have separate cabinets for the two of you, so you don’t have a hard time when looking for your own products or beauty devices. Therefore, have two cabinets of at least three drawers in which you can store everything you use separately, instead of cluttering the whole bathroom with them.

In his cabinet, use the upper drawer to store beauty products he uses daily, like cologne, creams, tonics, and any other item of frequent use. In the second cabinet, he can store items like the electric shaver, for example. However, it is advised not to keep the shaver in a dark, enclosed space, especially if he preferences a wet shaving. Putting a wet shaver in a drawer will likely encourage the development of bacteria on it. If you want to surprise your partner with a nice gift, choose a quality shaver for him, one which comes with a cleaning station, which sanitizes and dries the shaver.

In the third cabinet, he can store things he doesn’t use very often, therefore not needing them to be thrown chaotically around the bathroom, but rather to be organized neatly in a special drawer.
The same thing can be done with her cabinet as well, having daily beauty products in the first drawer, the hair dryer, the flat iron, and any other device of this kind in the second one, and items she doesn’t use too often in the third drawer. This way, he will never have to look desperately for the electric shaver when he needs to get ready for work, and she won’t have to give up on styling her hair with the flat iron because she can’t find it.

Shower shelves

You must have shelves in your shower to deposit the items you use when you take a bath or a shower neatly, and you can do this by either using built-in shelves, or by placing a hanging organizer to the base of the shower head. This way, the shampoo, the soap, the shower gel, and any other item you might use while you wash will be at your immediate disposal, and you won’t have to get out of the tub or shower soaking wet to find them. In addition, this means more space for other things in the rest of the bathroom, because it’s not cluttered up with the bath-taking products.

Deposit the towels

You can use a see-through cabinet to place the towels, this way making it more convenient for all the household members. You should have as many shelves in it as the number of household members for everyone to have their own space. The ideal number of towels for every family member is three, one being for wiping their face, and a medium and a large towel for when they get out of the shower or the tub. The towels used for wiping the hands should be hanged in proximity of the sink, and there should be one for each person in the house as well.

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