Best Battery Powered Vacuum Cleaners

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Vacuuming the floors has evolved since the first vacuum was designed and nowadays you can rely on the efficiency of the most advanced vacuum cleaners that no longer need a power cord in order to work. If you weren’t aware of the latest trends in terms of cordless gadgets, here are the best battery powered vacuum cleaners that will take functionality and performance to a whole new level.

Dyson V6 Fluffy

This is one of the most expensive cordless vacuums you can buy, but the high price is justified by the great performance it offers. The stick design ensures ease of use and makes it easily maneuverable with only one hand. The innovation is in the Fluffy cleaning head that can be attached to the stick in order to help you clean hard floors. The fluffy head traps the large debris on the floors while the carbon bristles create static energy that attracts the smaller particles. The soft head is gentler on hardwood floors that often get scratched by regular vacuum cleaners so you can use it on the most delicate floors. But don’t think that the Dyson V6 Fluffy only works on wood floors because there is also a head that can clean carpets and a smaller brush designed to collect pet hair. This compact and lightweight battery powered vacuum can be used on sofas, curtains, car seats, and on virtually any place that requires a thorough vacuuming.

iRobot – Roomba 650 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

With the iRobot vacuum, cleaning your floors is easier than ever and the results are spectacular. It can be used on any type of floors, like tile, wood, or linoleum, and it does an amazing job on carpets as well. This isn’t your regular battery powered vacuum cleaner; it is a smart vacuum cleaner that comes with a navigational system. This smart gadget uses and advanced iAdapt technology that enables it to navigate around your house and to adapt to any room it has to clean. It monitors the room up to 60 times before starting the cleaning so that it will detect every obstacle and will not get tangled in cords and carpets. This robot vacuum can easily go from hardwood to carpet and back without flipping over and it can reach even the narrowest corners. The brushes it uses agitate the dust and make it easy to absorb while the low profile allows it to get under the beds and furniture so you can clean those areas as well. With the help of an acoustic sensor, Roomba detects the dirty areas and offers them more attention so no stain will remain on the floor.

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