Feng Shui Tips for Humidifier and Dehumidifier Placement in the Bedroom

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For many people, the ancient art of Feng Shui is the leading factor taken into account when starting to decorate their homes. Without a doubt, focusing on a technique that aims to bring comfort, peace of mind and create a positive atmosphere is definitely a better idea than trusting all sorts of interior design trends that change every year. After all, home is the place where people have to feel at their best and, especially now, when stress are chaos threaten a family’s well-being, using Feng Shui elements can be a breath of fresh air. Until about two decades ago, incorporating Feng Shui elements into interior design ideas for bedroom was not that difficult. However, the past 20 years have become very confusing for Feng Shui lovers, mainly because of the appearance of numerous gadgets which are very tempting to add into the bedroom. One of the leading Feng Shui principles that apply to the bedroom is that this space should have as few electronic appliances as possible, because these take up energy. The bedroom should be used only for sleep and relaxation. Adding a TV is bad enough, but if you also mix work with pleasure and you also place a desktop computer or laptop into your bedroom, you risk surrounding yourself with negative energy. Many people understand that all these modern gadgets belong in the office, but what can be done about units such as humidifiers and dehumidifiers, which are essential for comfort?

Contrary to popular belief, appliances that adjust temperature and humidity do not go against Feng Shui rules. Placing decorations and plants meticulously is in vain if the quality of the air isn’t good enough. Therefore, before doing anything else, you have to add such a device to the bedroom in order to clear the air and make sure you don’t breath in pollutants. For example, if you live in a big city and opening the window would only let in exhaust fumes and angry car horn noises, a humidifier is just perfect. This small, but important, piece of technology can improve the quality of your life considerably, assuring the basic principles behind Feng Shui. As such, you should consider using a portable dehumidifier, so you can change its position in every room it is according to Feng Shui principles.

As for the actual placement of the device, there are certain guidelines that you should keep in mind. First of all, make sure you buy a humidifier or dehumidifier whose size matches the size of your room. If your bedroom is large enough, then you can buy a unit in any size you want, but if you have a small one, you should avoid clutter as much as possible and buy it in a smaller size. Besides, small spaces do not need heavy duty appliances and you can also save more space. In terms of placement, make sure you firstly respect the instructions given by the manufacturer, in order to avoid product malfunction or accidents. Generally, humidifiers and dehumidifiers should be placed on carpets, textiles or metal surfaces. If you buy a small product, a good idea is to place it on the nightstand or on a top shelf.

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