Five Tips for Masking the Humidifier in Your Living Room

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A humidifier is a wise acquisition for any house, as it helps you keep humidity levels within normal range. They also help with allergies or breathing issues during harsh winters or in dry climates, so having one in the living room and in the bedroom is a great idea. Now, not many people may enter your bedroom so having a humidifier in there may not pose too many design concerns. However, when it comes to the living room, the place where most people receive their guests and spend most of their time, effort and money goes into decorating it properly. With so many living room interior ideas and design concepts, it would be a pity to ruin the ambiance by throwing an ugly humidifier right in the middle of the living room. In fact, wherever you decide to place it, the device should blend into the room decor nicely or you should be able to mask it. If you check out the best cool mist humidifier reviews, you will see that the latest models have very modern designs that can match any interior decor. However, the latest models are often expensive. Nevertheless, you needn’t worry as there are ways in which you can integrate even a cheap humidifier in any decor.

The first tip to properly masking the humidifier in your living room is buy a suitable humidifier. The market has expanded so much over the years that there are now numerous manufacturers and equally numerous and various designs available. They make humidifiers especially created for baby rooms, in shapes of monkey, pigs, frogs and other, and they also make beautifully designed humidifiers for living rooms, with gracious curves or minimalist design. The more you search for the right product for your living room, the easier it will be to make it blend into the decor. If you don’t know where to start, go online and check out the world wide web, as there is plenty of information and living room interior ideas that you will find on the internet and that may help you get started. You should spend enough time reading warm mist humidifier reviews, or reviews for the type of humidifier you think you need, so you first make sure you get a good product, and only then worry about masking it inside the decor. Secondly, before you start your purchasing journey, make sure to take a good look at your living room and get some sense as to where you may place the humidifier, so that you at least know what size it should be. The more data you have to buy a suitable product, the more facile it will be for you to mask it afterwards.

Another tip for masking the humidifier in your living room would be using it as a support for a big picture frame, an art decor object, preferably one that cannot be lifted, but don’t hide it behind pillows or any other kind of fabric item. A fourth tip would be to decorate the humidifier yourself. With a little imagination and some craft work, you can turn any humidifier into a decor object on itself. You can paint it, cover it in fabric, glue stuff to it, whatever you think it will make it blend in. Again, if you need help, try searching for do it yourself living room interior ideas and you will find plenty of resources. Last, but not least, if you buy a small humidifier, you can mask it by actually placing it inside an opened container, such as a big vase, a very tall decor box, without a top, so that the device can still function properly, but also be out of sight.

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