How to Minimize the Consumption of Your A.C. During Hot Days of Summer

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After a long cold winter, it’s a relief when the sun is out again. The temperatures are warmer and the days get longer, so there’s no wonder why summer is said to be the best season of the year. However the high temperatures and heat can make staying at home less enjoyable. While leaving your AC on may seem like a good idea, most people prefer to minimize the use of AC in order to save energy and money. Here are some useful tips to cool your house without having to use the AC so often.

Avoid activities where heat is is constantly released

If it’s really hot and it’s hard to keep the house cool, you can avoid activities that generate a lot of heat. For instance, you should avoid cooking for more than 2 times a day. The heat in the kitchen heat will linger for a very long time in the house, making it harder to get fresh air. Other than that, to keep your house cool, you should avoid leaving the TV, computer or other device that generates heat for a long period of time.

Ventilate your home only in the morning and evening

Some people think it is good to leave the AC on during the entire day to cool the room. However, this does not help when the heat of the day has taken over. It is best to ventilate the rooms very early in the morning when it is not hot, and late at night, when temperatures drop. This way, you can also manage to lower energy costs.

Make humidity your ally

A wet sheet, stretched in front of a window facilitates cooling of a room. Do not hesitate to spray water in a room. You can also consider to dry your laundry indoors, evaporation “consumes” ambient heat and cools the room. If, on the other hand, the humidity level in the room is too high, you should definitely consider installing a dehumidifiers. Besides extracting excess moisture from the air, these devices can lower the temperature in the room by a couple of degrees.

Use a fan to produce cool air

Another good tip is to place frozen water bottles or plastic ice cubes in front of a desk fan, so that cold air is generated when the ice melts and water evaporates. If you want to get better results, you should opt for a tower fan, which is a better alternative to desk fans or other type of fans. The tower fan uses a small amount of energy and it’s capable of cooling an entire room. You can learn more about the advantages of tower fans, by perusing the site, which contains numerous helpful tower fan reviews. Based on these reviews, you can decide for yourself which tower fan is best for the room which you plan on cooling.

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