How to Use the Clothes Dryer as Little as Possible

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The clothes dryer is a great aid in your household thanks to its ability to dry your clothes faster, so you won’t have to hang them around the house for days. However, the biggest disadvantage of this useful appliance is the high energy consumption it implies, which is something you will want to avoid. If you analyze the latest dryers, you will see that the best dryer 2016 units consume a lot less energy than older models. Nevertheless, if you can’t afford to change your dryer at the moment, you will have to find other ways to save energy. In order to help you save energy, we have gathered some useful tricks on how to use the clothes dryer as little as possible.

Tumble the clothes a little longer

When you wash the clothes, opt for the high-speed tumble of the washing machine so they will come out drier and they will dry faster without using the dryer. If the clothes still come out wet, you can start another tumbling cycle to remove even more moisture from your clothes.

Only dry the clothes that require fast drying

Using the dryer too often means increasing your household’s electricity bill in an unnecessary way, so make sure you only dry the clothes that require urgent drying. The rest can remain on the clothes wire and dry naturally so you will not waste energy on items that don’t need to be dried fast.

Use a dry towel to remove some of the moisture

An old trick says to put a dry towel or more, depending on how wet the clothes are, into the dryer so the towel will absorb some of the moisture in the clothes. You can also let the clothes settle on a large fluffy towel before putting them in the dryer, and some of the water will remain in the towel.

Don’t overload the dryer

The more clothes you put in the dryer, the longer it will take for them to dry, so make sure you don’t put too many clothes in it. Also, don’t mix clothes that are too thick with those that are too light, or you will mess up the moisture balance and the thicker ones will turn the lightest one wet as well. Load the dryer with garments of similar density so all of them will be dried at the same time.

Find other smart ways of drying your clothes

Before putting the clothes in the dryer, look for other alternatives, like the hair dryer, for instance. This device can help you dry small garments that you need immediately and it has the advantage of being able to use it on hidden parts like the pockets or underarms. You can also place the clothes on a radiator or a stove that are safe for it and make sure you rotate the clothes so the heat gets on every side. The dryer should only be used when you have to dry something that you have to wear soon and that other drying options can’t handle.

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