Ideas for decorating the top of kitchen cabinets

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Everyone who has ever redecorated their kitchen knows that sometimes making it look special and yet comfortable can be quite hard. However, many people forget that decorating the top of kitchen cabinets can often give a kitchen the personal touch that it was missing. Such decorations can turn a plain kitchen into a comfortable place where people will enjoy spending time. Moreover, such ideas can make for amazing small home design ideas. When you have a small kitchen or an overall small home, you must make good use of every available space. To this extent, here are a few ideas for decorating the top of kitchen cabinets:

The traditional décor

Serving plates, holders of sugar, spices and everything else, coupled with a beautiful flower vase and you will have a wonderful kitchen décor. This is one of the best small home design ideas as it uses practical items as decorations. The best part is that these items can be found in a wide variety of colors and designs in practically any kitchenware store, so you are very likely to find something that will match your furniture and look perfect. Usually they can be arranged in any way you might prefer, but to obtain a complete look, you should choose a centerpiece such as the serving platter or maybe the vase and start from there.

The modern décor

Often underused, the space above your cabinets is a fantastic way to take advantage of negative space and turn it into an aesthetically pleasing area. One way to accomplish this is the addition of several pieces of framed art. Adding pictures of various fruits is a great way to add a pop of color into an otherwise unused area. Black and white pictures are another way to add too the space without drawing too much attention.
These days, people can find in stores a variety of abstract items that they can use to make a lovely décor. In addition, you can find a modern vase and perhaps a few colorful glasses and you will certainly obtain a décor that you can be proud of. Everyone knows how kitchens can gather a lot of moisture, so those who choose to decorate it in a modern way, may even find a place for their dehumidifier on top of their kitchen cabinets and hide it in plain sight.

The eclectic décor

Everyone has seen in stores various cute, white items such as tea pots and book covers decorated with flowers, butterflies, cupcakes and many other designs. This can be a very good idea for decorating top of kitchen cabinets. As always, you could start from a centerpiece such as a clock and then go from there. The key factor is to choose a common pattern, for instance cupcakes, and then just continue adding until you obtain something nice. You could have cupcake books, a cupcake teapot and a few cupcake plates and you will definitely manage to create something special. The cupcakes are just an example because there are many lovely designs that you can choose from.

The traveler’s décor

If you are a person who likes to travel, you should look for interesting items, inspired after the places you have visited, that will look nice on your kitchen cabinet. Perhaps a small Buddha statue, candles and make a combination between wood and metallic finishes in order to give your décor a special look.

These are just a few ideas of how to decorate the top of your kitchen cabinets. You could always find something that you think might look better with your kitchen furniture and the overall style of your home. So the next time you want to add some personality to your kitchen, turn your attention to the top of your kitchen cabinets, because they might be the answer you were looking for all this time.

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