Maintain Your Shabby Chic Furniture with Design-Conscious Humidifiers

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The shabby chic home décor trend has been earning more and more fans and due to the fact that prices have also decreased. Since it it is no longer a luxury, anyone can afford to spice up the bedroom or living room with an impressive French-style sofa or king-sized canopy bed. However, most homeowners seem to forget the fact that furniture also comes with certain responsibilities, especially in terms of maintenance. In order to extend the lifespan of furniture, it is essential to place it properly and avoid exposure to extremely high and extremely low humidity. Therefore, before starting to implement shabby chic room ideas, you should first make sure your living space has the right conditions and, if not, find out how you can make it better. Shabby chic furniture comes with some challenges, mainly because it is made of massive wood, which looks amazing, but can lose its chic aspect if it is exposed to high temperatures and air dryness. For example, if the room is very hot and there isn’t enough humidity, the wood can crack, warp and lose its shine.

Massive wood looks indeed very nice, but it is harder to maintain that other materials, being very sensitive to extreme temperatures and humidity. There is a reason why museums store antique tables, chairs and beds in special conditions, making sure to adjust the temperature and add humidifiers in every room. If the air is too dry, antique furniture will first start to get drier. If the situation persists, then it will slowly begin to warp until it breaks. If you are interested in shabby chic room ideas and you love vintage home décor, then you should make sure you buy a good humidifier to preserve the proper humidity in the room. Also, if your room has direct sunlight from a window, avoid placing any wooden furniture next to it, because it will do even more damage. Since you are interested in a humidifier because you have a beautifully decorated home, you may want to consider a whole house humidifier which will be hidden from view, protect your entire home and not interfere with your special decor.

Humidifiers are the easiest and most affordable way of maintaining shabby chic furniture. These types of units are already quite expensive, so it’s not an exciting prospect to invest thousands of dollars into a chair or a bed, and then discover that in less than five years they have begun to crack. Apart from the fact that this affects their aspect, it also makes them impossible to resell and, since antique-looking furniture rarely comes with a warranty, you can’t return it either. Even though humidifiers require an initial investment, they help prolong the lifespan of your furniture. If you’re worried that the humidifier will ruin the vintage look of the room, then you can buy a humidifier with a classic design. There are plenty of beautiful devices whose texture imitate the one of wood and you can choose from various designs. This way, you can maintain furniture and increase its resale value. For best results, check the guide that the furniture comes with. This should give you some details about the specific requirements of your furniture and you will be able to adjust humidity levels based on those.

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