Modern Kitchen Design Ideas with Incorporated Appliances and Hidden Water Filters

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Interior design is a field of options and opportunities, and when it comes to kitchen design people have plenty of options to choose from, such as vintage kitchens, upscale design or modern decor. Although retro looking kitchens are a quite nice, as solid wood kitchens have always looked incredible, many people today are more inclined towards modern kitchen design ideas. Modern kitchens have a minimalist look and feel, with high end, floating glass appliances and all sorts of gadgets that are perfectly fitted within the decor. In fact, when it comes to remodeling or designing the kitchen, the vast majority of individuals resorts to the services of an interior designer to help them not only match the appliances to the cabinetry, but also choose a kitchen theme that fits the rest of the house. There is a wealth of information and resources on the web with regard to kitchen decor and interior design, but having a specialist work on your kitchen in particular is always wiser, if your budget allows it.

One of the most popular modern kitchen design ideas is the integration of appliances into the cabinetry. If you recently shopped for an appliance, you may have noticed that they are not very versatile in terms on design. Even the best rated microwave oven only comes with 2 or three finish choices. Nevertheless, appliances can be integrated in the cabinetry, either fully integrated or semi-integrated. Fully integrated appliances means that all appliances in the kitchen, the fridge, the oven, the microwave have the same front as your cabinetry, instead of having a simple, white, black or stainless steel door or front. Semi-integrated appliances only have a panel matching the cabinet doors, but the vent, the bottom or the control panel may still be visible. This idea is wise not only as far as decor and looks are concerned, but also because it gives people flexibility, allowing them to choose the best combination of appliances that suits their eating or cooking habits. The installation process is also facilitated by integrated appliances, as you can choose among different configurations, such as in-column tower, cube or side by side. This will make it easier for you to fit all the appliances and gadgets you need in the kitchen, while preserving as much space as possible, so that the room doesn’t look over stuffed. Some appliances have a double function. For example, an over the range microwave oven will work both as an oven and a cooker hood. You can also find convection microwaves, which combine the functions of the microwave oven with the functions of a convection oven. The best rated microwave oven with a dual function should be able to perform both its functions effectively.

Another popular idea regarding kitchen decor is related to water filters, air purifiers and other such gadgets that you may want or need around the kitchen. Most people wish to have these items hidden or masked, which can again be easily achieved by choosing the right model or design in the first place. Water filters, for instance, are important items to have in a kitchen, as purifying your drinking water can help with the prevention of many illnesses. But in order to find the best water filtration system for your needs, you have to determine what substances contaminate your water, so you can buy a system powerful enough to filter them out. Therefore the market for water filters has expanded greatly and there are now thousands of models and designs available. This means that, with proper research, you can choose one or several that can easily blend into the decor of your kitchen. If not, you can choose to hide them below the sink, within the fridge, depending on the water source. Thus, you can get an under-the-sink water filter system, or a whole house one, and they will be hidden from sight, not to mention a lot more performing than other types. There are many modern kitchen design ideas that can help you plan a beautiful and even unique kitchen and thorough research is always the key.

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