Recycling Old Chandeliers for Your Garden

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When it comes to decorating your garden, there are many ingenious tricks you can use in order to offer it charm and beauty. The most original ideas often come to us out of need, so there are many interesting things that people have done with their gardens because they could not afford to hire a professional designer or exceeded their budget limit after paying for the remodeling. Whether you cannot afford investing in your garden at the moment, but you would like to change something about it or you simply wish to make a statement by using recycled garden art, the idea of transforming old things that you don’t use anymore into decorating art for your garden is quite ingenious.

People can recycle everything they have in their homes and create beautiful pieces of art perfect for completing the garden decoration. By transforming a normal object you can find in every house into something special and eye-catchy for your garden, you can take pride in creating something completely original. Old chandeliers are one of the most preferred recycled garden art objects, because there are so many applications you can have for them in the garden, not to mention the fact that they look exquisite. There are many people that use real chandeliers that are still functioning to create a great atmosphere in their outdoors private space. By placing a large vintage chandelier above the garden table, you will will create you an extremely romantic getaway space. While this idea seems to be quite popular, using discarded chandeliers to create decorative pieces of art and little corners of heaven for the whole family is not such a bad idea either, it’s taking it a step further. There are three common ways in which you could use your old and now useless chandelier for your garden decoration.

Most discarded chandeliers are missing all or all their glass cups, so the job might seem daunting at first. However, you can rest assured, because replacing them is as easy as making a trip to the general store. Depending on what you have in mind for your old chandelier, you can either buy solar lights, vintage looking cups or candle holders to complete your recycling. If what you wish to obtain by recycling the chandelier is a bird feeder , you can always use old glass cups where you can place the food to transform the chandelier into something unique, useful and beautiful. The birds will create a great atmosphere in the garden, not to mention that they will attract the attention towards your original creation. Those interested in placing chandeliers in their garden to shed mysterious light at night and create a romantic atmosphere should purchase solar lights and install them on their discarded chandeliers. The effect is bound to be extraordinary. All in all, recycling old objects from your home like the broken chandelier you were keeping in your attic is an affordable, unique and beautiful alternative to buying garden decorations.

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