Safety Home Improvements for Senior Home Owners

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Seniors who live by themselves or spend a lot of time alone in their homes need special improvements and changes in the house in order to assure a safe environment. Since seniors tend to lose their skills and senses, it is likely that they suffer accidents if things are not put in place or if they have to put much effort into several activities. For accidents not to happen, here are some home improvements that need to be made in seniors’ houses.

Proper light for risk-free movement

Seniors start to lose their senses with time, they hear less, their vision is poorer, they get tired faster and start to forget things, therefore, you should make sure their home is adapted to their needs. A better lighting system will help them better manage their activities, so make sure there is plenty of light in the entire house and in the yard. Place the light switches at a comfortable height for them to reach them easily, install sensor activated bulbs on the hallways and at the front door and create connections between the most frequently used rooms in the house, like the bedroom and the bathroom or kitchen, so that they won’t wonder in the dark until they reach a certain room.

Stair lifts for safe usage of the stairs

If the house has stairs, it is likely that the senior will have to climb them, which can be a risk of falling and getting hurt, in which case a stair lift will come in handy. The stair lift is installed on the rails and provide easy access from one floor to another. If the stairs are curved or the senior is using a wheelchair, you should not worry, because there are many great stairlifts that are suitable for every need of the user.

Clear paths for no risk of accidents

Tripping is a common accident in seniors because they start to lose their mobility, reflexes and balance. To make sure they don’t fall and hurt themselves, change the shiny floor tiles with adherent wood floors, remove the small rugs that can slide on the place and replace them with rubber ones that get stuck to the floor and take away from the path any cable or other item that might make them slip.

Mobility scooters for easily moving around the house

Since mobility becomes a problem for seniors, you should consider reading the greatest mobility scooter reviews and getting your parents a mobility scooter that will allow them to move around the house and go from place to place. The mobility scooter will easily transport them anywhere and some models are even suitable indoors. Unlike the wheelchairs, these devices are electrically powered and require minimum physical strength and effort. Just make sure the access to the house is easy by installing ramps at the doors and widening the doors to fit the mobility scooter. According to the greatest mobility scooter reviews, the indoor scooters are narrow and can be easily handled among the furniture and have a turning radius that allows them to move fast and without effort.

Improving a home for a senior is not a task which should be taken lightly. Whether you look for great stairlifts, better lighting or any other method, make sure to test everything so that it abides by the highest levels of safety. If you are interested in discovering other clever home improvement tips, you can find plenty of tips on There, you can also find travel tips as well as general lifestyle tips.

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