The Secret to Designing Minimalist Gardens

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While many people find the minimalist style in gardening design a hard thing to achieve, it is in fact just a matter of planning in advance and combining various elements of your garden smartly to create a simple and stylish look. Contrary to popular beliefs, the minimalist garden design is not plain and boring. Far from being so, the minimalist garden has a wonderful charm and a relaxing atmosphere. The main idea of this garden concept is to use a combination between hardscaping and plants, that enhance the simple, yet bold lines of the minimalist garden. Hiring a professional to design a minimalist garden is not a great idea for those with a limited budget, but you can always get good results by doing it yourself. It is enough to know what you want and pay attention to certain details to create a wonderful outdoor space in the minimalist style for the whole family. If you dislike the idea of cluttered spaces and overwhelming views, you should follow the next steps in order to create your own minimalist garden.

The first rule of the thumb is to set certain boundaries, because restriction is everything when it comes to minimalist gardens. As you have probably guessed by now, the use of colors is restricted with the minimalist style. Not only are natural colors preferred, but a combination of many colors is not accepted. In order to create a relaxing space that comforts the eye, it is important to choose two or three colors that are complementary and play only with those. Also popular is the use of neutral colors in combination with a single vivid color that will give the garden a certain charm specific to the minimalist style. Lawns are an important part of minimalist garden due to the fact that they represent the dominance of a single color (green) and their shapes can be clearly delimited with straight lines. In order to maintain a beautiful lawn with ease, it is advised to invest in a quality lawn mower. On the website, you can find some excellent lawn mower reviews that will help you choose a quality mower.

Unpainted metal panels are in trend, especially those that show natural patterns. The presence of walls is welcomed in a minimalist garden, as it offers you the opportunity to play with the lighting and create beautiful effects during the evening. Walls are also great, if you wish to create a contrast in your garden without getting a patio. Glass panels are also popular choices, but they are not that easy to install. The main reason why glass panels are preferred over walls is the fact that they allow natural light to enter a space in order to create a wonderful effect on plants.

Apart from limiting yourself when choosing the colors you will be playing with in your garden, you should also limit the number of different materials used in designing your minimalist garden. The idea is to obtain a clean, simple look, which is not possible, if you insist on combining ten types of materials. Paving seems to be the secret to obtain the minimalist look in your garden, but the truth is that you must pay great attention to the type of finish you use. The color of the paving has to blend and contrast at the same time and this is why grey tones are generally preferred. Whether to you use stone or wood paving is a decision that you take by considering all the other elements of the garden. Keep in mind that too much and too little are both grave mistakes when you try to achieve the minimalist look.

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