Tips for Turning the Basement into a Home Gym

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If you have a basement in your house, you can stop using it as a storage room for useless stuff and turn it into a home gym that will help you stay fit without leaving the comfort of your home. Before starting the process, write down your ideas, establish the list of items you will need and gather your imagination and strength to complete the makeover of your basement.

Perform the needed repairs on the basement

Basements are usually dark, cold and moist and yours will most definitely need some improvements. Use quality construction materials like plaster, some polystyrene for isolation and a nice paint and the room will already start to feel more hospitable. With a little effort, you can do the repairs yourself, but if major repairs are needed like changing some pipes or restoring the electrical network, you should call for the help of a professional.

Forget about mold with a basement dehumidifier

Mold is likely to develop in basements because of the high level of humidity and all the pipes existing there. In case you discover mold traces on the walls and ceiling, a basement dehumidifier will certainly solve the problem. This device is specially designed for large areas with severe mold problems and will successfully absorb the moist in the air and reduce the mold existing in the basement. Using a special technology, the dehumidifier will absorb the humid air, will run it through a set of filters and will release dry air back into the room, thus reducing the risk of mold and dampness. Since there are several products to choose from, see the best dehumidifier reviews so that you can choose the model best suited for your basement.

Equip your gym with various fitness equipment

Once you have finished with the repairs and improvements, you can start to equip the home gym. If you want it to be suitable for all the members of your family, both men and women, you can split the room in two and create two spaces for different purposes, one for aerobics and one equipped with fitness equipment. In the area designed for aerobics, you can put a soft carpet and some mirrors on the walls so that women will be able to perform their routine. In the area designed for workout, you can place various fitness equipment, like a treadmill that will tone your entire body, dumbbells for the arms, steppers for the legs, crunches benches for the torso and bicycles. If you feel overwhelmed by the wide variety of treadmill models available on the market, read the reviews on in order to see which are the really good treadmills. If you don’t want to invest too much in this equipment, you can find many companies that offer second-hand units or many discounts.

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