Ultimate Pool Cleaner Buying Guide

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There are several alternatives when it comes to choosing a pool cleaner and the final choice should be based on the analysis of every option, so you will know you have made the best decision. This pool cleaner guide could be your most reliable help in choosing the right item that will meet your requirements in pool cleaning.

Suction cleaners

This type of cleaner is attached to your skimmer box with a hose and use the suction of the filtration system to suck grime and debris. The suction cleaner is the most popular type that is used by most pool owners because it is cheaper and easier to install than the other types. You can opt for an inertia driven suction cleaner that cleans the pool in a random pattern and best works on curved pools, or you can choose a geared suction cleaner that moves in a determined pattern and can reach tight corners.

Pressure cleaners

If you are looking for more power, you should opt for a pressure cleaner that uses an additional booster pump that connects to the pool wall through a separate hose. If your pool doesn’t have an extra wall connection, creating one might be very expensive, so make sure you analyze your options very well. A pressure cleaner that connects directly to your existing pool pump can restrict the filtration of the water. However, pressure cleaners are very efficient, they can reach tight corners, and can clean anything from dust to leaves faster than the suction cleaners. Though, they are more expensive and require more maintenance than any other pool cleaning system.

Robotic cleaners

Last, but not least, there is the robotic pool cleaner, a device consisting in a pump and a motor that works on electricity, so you will have to provide a power source near the pool. The water is dragged by the pump through the filter bags and then released back into the pool while the dirt and debris remain in the filter. A programmable robotic pool cleaner can be simply turned on and dropped into the pool and it will turn off at the end of a cleaning cycle, so you can call it independent. Moreover, the robotic pool cleaner has wheels and brushes that scrub off the dirt from the pool’s surface and can reach the tightest corners and even the walls and steps, so there will be no area left uncleaned. You can learn more about the features of automatic pool cleaners, by doing some research on the roboticpoolcleaner.reviews website, which features numerous pool cleaner reviews. A robotic pool cleaner costs more than the other systems, but it’s also the most efficient and trustworthy help in cleaning the pool at high standards.

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